[lug] House cleaning

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Sun Apr 9 14:37:54 MDT 2017


I've been cleaning out my computer room to prep for a move, and have
found some things that others may want and I sure don't.

1 dell SC1430 tower server - 8 gb memory - no disks
Has I think 2 quad core older xenon processors.

1 dell DC1430 tower server - 12 gb memory - no disks
Has I think 2 quad core older xenon processors.
(This unit has a broken fan, which cases the firmware to crank all the
other fans to 100%, so it's quite loud, but it works fine otherwise).

1 powermac G4 - probibly has Fedora 12 or something on it, dunno how
much memory/disk off hand. Has a broken handle.

2 tower boxes, no disks, but otherwise working. Likely old processors
and low memory, but might be ok for a test machine or something.

4-5 ps2 keyboards, all working as far as I know.

11 UPS units. Various sizes. As far as I know they all work, but the
batteries in them are dead/need replacing. Some cyberpower, some APC,
some who knows. ;)

N computer power supplies. Various sizes, might work, might be broken,
dunno. I think I got some of these as spares and some of them were ones
I was going to look at fixing and never did.

N power cables. Tons and Tons of em.

N wall wart power supplies for who knows what anymore. Various output
and connectors.

N thinkpad power bricks/cables. Various models, sizes, etc.

External scsi DAT drive (DDS1? DDS2? not sure)

1U rack mount 10 port linksys switch (dumb switch)

a netappliance i-opener modified to use a laptop drive.
pizza key! I think it's running some ancient Fedora currently, not
powered it on in years, might no longer even work. ;)

2 WRT54g linksys aps, running openwrt. I suspect the power bricks for
them are in the power brick pile. I was going to give these to someone
last year, but totally spaced it, they get first dibs if they still want

Sega Dreamcast + 3 controllers.

1 T42 thinkpad. This was a super awesome laptop in it's day.
1600x1200 screen, 1.5gb ram, 32bit PentiumM. It's got some cracks and
the power connector doesn't stay in too well, but might be a nice old
laptop for someone. Has a f15 install on it, but encrypted drive, so you
will need to reinstall it.

1 Dell D820 laptop Also great in it's day. 1920x1200 screen.
Has f18 install on it, but encrypted drive so you will need to reinstall

If anyone wants any of this, drop me a line and I can arrange for you to
pick up in Broomfield (or perhaps if you talk me into it, I can bring
stuff to the next blug, but it would save me a lot of hassle for people
to just pick this stuff up). If you think something is worth something
feel free to give me some beer money, otherwise taking it off my hands
and putting it to good use is payment enough. :)

Anything not hauled away in the next few weeks I will ebay or take to


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