Our monthly meetings are held at 6:30 PM, on the second Thursday of each month. A typical meeting consists of:

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We currently meet at the offices of Rule4. It is at 3002 Bluff Street, Boulder, CO. Their offices are on the South East corner of Bluff and 30th just South of Valmot Rd. The entrace is on the South side of the building. There’s plenty of visitor parking in the surface lots surrounding the building as well as a free underground parking garage one block south of Bluff just East of Clutter. Also the RTD Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station is just a few blocks away.

3002 Bluff Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Google Maps has excellent information. We have a map prepared showing the meeting location

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We are always looking for new talks. If you would like to speak at BLUG please contact us

Talk History

2014-01-09 Boot Strapping a Tech Company With Linux From Scratch Art Reisman
2013-12-12 Flash Talks Multiple Speakers
2013-11-14 Software Patterns - Introduction to Foundational Wisdom for the Maturing Software Profession Scott Jackson
2013-10-10 Flash Talks Multiple Speakers
2013-09-12 Distributed Information Processing in Materials that Think Nikolaus Correll
2013-08-08 Discovery and Monitoring Without Limit Alan Robertson
2013-07-11 An Introduction to Stacked Git Myron Stowe
2013-06-13 1G to 4G, and beyond: The past, present, and future of wireless phone networks Ted Logan
2013-05-09 Exploring Gnome 3's Gnome Shell experience Maxwell Spangler
2013-04-11 The Robotic Operating System David Coleman
2013-03-14 The Science of Food Rescue Rhonda Hoenigman
2013-02-14 How to make python fast (and why) Davide Del Vento
2013-01-10 Achieving In vivo Robotic Capsule Mobility Mark Rentschler
2012-12-13 The Cryptogram of Life Jeffrey S. Haemer
2012-11-08 Yellowstone, the New Linux-based supercomputer at NCAR. David Del Vento
2012-10-11 Service Orchestration for Cloud Environments with Juju Jim Baker
2012-09-13 When Test-First Fails Tom Cargill
2012-08-09 Gaming on Linux David L. Wilson
2012-07-12 Unifying your device cloud with a personal distributed meta-computer Bruce Long
2012-06-14 Software Development In The Trenches... Sean Reifschneider
2012-05-10 Surviving the GNU Autotools Rob Savoye
2012-04-12 Linux and DevOps: Dogs and Cats Living Together Trent R. Hein
2012-03-08 PostgeSQL H/A Methods Keven Kempter
2012-02-09 Everything you wanted to know about Fedora Infrastructure Kevin Fenzi
2012-01-12 LAMP Stack Administration Tricks & Tips Rich Morrow
2011-12-08 What's new in open source law Jason Haislmaier
2011-11-10 Android Something-or-Other Ross Ingram
2011-10-13 The Semantic Web - the dreams and the reality Tom "Oz" DiGennaro
2011-09-08 Appinventor: Easy android applications Evelyn Mitchell
2011-08-11 So You Want Some IPv6? Aaron D. Johnson
2011-07-14 Quantum Computing: The Qubit for Programmers Tom Cargill
2011-06-09 EXT File System Forensics Hal Pomeranz
2011-05-12 Technical Skills Certifications: Why, what, and how? David L. Wilson
2011-04-14 Mastering Puppet for Infrastructure Automation Ben Whaley
2011-03-10 Resistance is Futile - Easy to use cloud-scale monitoring with the Assimilation Monitoring project Alan Robertson
2011-02-10 Unlocking the Secrets of Git Tom Preston-Werner
2011-01-13 The Mysteries of Xen Virtualization Mark Sallee
2010-12-09 Open Source, Software Patents and Other Legal Topics of Interest Jason Haislmaier
2010-11-11 Untethered Linux: Using Linux away from the Home and Office. Sean Reifschneider
2010-10-14 Clouds Killed the SysAdmin Star Trent R. Hein
2010-09-09 The Evolution of Lower Middle UNIX Userland 1985-2010 Bart Massey
2010-08-12 Advanced File-Systems: ZFS and Btrfs Sean Reifschneider
2010-07-08 Select-o-Magic 3000 - A program for generating pseudo-random audio file play lists basedup on key criteria Lori Reed
2010-06-10 GPS, or: How to get lost while still knowing where you are Ted Logan
2010-05-13 Linux Photography Workflow Tools Kevin Kempter
2010-04-08 Arduino and your Linux box Brennen Bearnes
2010-03-11 Machine Learning Davide Del Vento
2010-02-11 Nagios Open Source Monitoring Chris McDermott
2010-01-14 The Go Programming Language Tom Cargill
2009-12-10 OpenStreetMap: The Past, Present, Future, What That Means To You and Having Fun! Hurricane McEwen
2009-11-12 PostgreSQL database replication with SLONY I Kevin Kempter
2009-10-08 Production Linux Security - Balancing Reality vs. Security Nirvana Trent R. Hein
2009-09-10 The Android Platform: a new kind of Linux Neal McBurnett
2009-08-13 Supercomputing Davide Del Vento
2009-07-09 Model-based user interfaces Bruce Long
2009-06-11 Cygnal a GNU rich media server Rob Savoye
2009-05-14 Secure Decentralized Storage Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn
2009-04-09 Open Source Legal Topics Jason Haislmaier
2009-03-12 Cloud Computing for the Rest of Us: IT Infrastructure on the Shoulders of Giants. Ned McClain Co-founder and CTO of Applied Trust Engineering
2009-02-12 A day in the life of a Fedora Community Kevin Fenzi
2009-01-08 A Gentle Introduction to Asterisk: Taking Back Your Phone Sean Reifschneider
2008-12-11 Cameras In the Digital Age Tom Christiansen
2008-11-13 3R Systems for Biomedical Discovery Acceleration [video] Larry Hunter
2008-10-09 Qemu - Open Source Virtualization Lori Reed
2008-09-11 Open Source Software Economics, Standards, and IP in One Lesson Stephen Walli
2008-08-14 PostgreSQL Kevin Kempter
2008-07-10 Crazy Emacs Tricks [video] Tom Tromey
2008-06-12 Is that a LAMP in your pocket? Hacking the NSLU2 Jim Buzbee
2008-05-08 Are commercial companies killing open source by paying people to work on it? [video] Stormy Peters
2008-04-10 Under the XO hood, the guts of an OLPC machine. [video] Jordon Crouse
2008-03-13 Greening your Linux Infrastructure Ned McClain Co-founder and CTO of Applied Trust Engineering
2008-02-14 Gnash, and the quest for Open Media politics and legalities. [video] Rob Savoye
2008-01-10 Linux in Small Business (and why the Novell Microsoft deal offers some positive aspects for Linux) Ferdinand Schmid
2007-12-13 The Kernel Report Jon Corbet
2007-11-08 Not-So-Secret Handshakes: Getting involved in a Linux distribution Neal McBurnett, Kevin Fenzi, Jeremy Hinegardner and others.
2007-10-11 Embedded Linux Scott Mann
2007-09-13 Web Application Security Ben Whaley Senior Engineer from Applied Trust Engineering
2007-08-09 Things on My Mind Evi Nemeth
2007-07-12 Using Virtualization to Make Linux Play in a Windows-centric Office Andy Rudoff
2007-06-14 Xbox Linux Alex Schaefer and Seren Thompson
2007-05-10 Nagios and System Monitoring Vince Dean
2007-04-12 Hacking Society Various
2007-03-08 Demo Day Various
2007-02-08 OpenOffice Solveig Haugland
2007-01-11 Virtualization with XEN Ferdinand Schmid
2006-12-14 No meeting.
2006-11-09 The GIT revision control system Chris Riddoch
2006-10-12 Demo Day Various
2006-09-14 VPNs and Mobile Devices Sean Reifschneider
2006-08-10 Wireless Router Hacks Richard Weait
2006-07-13 The Kernel Report Jon Corbet
2006-06-08 Shell Programming Jeff Haemer
2006-05-11 Wireless Networking Roundtable
2006-04-13 Security Roundtable
2006-01-12 Ruby on Rails Jeremy Hinegardner
2005-12-08 Asterisk Daniel Webb
2005-11-10 How to debug software Jonathan Briggs
2005-10-13 Xen Sean Reifschneider
2005-08-11 MFFS: A Multi-fork file system API Lori Reed
2005-07-14 Alternative web servers on Linux Jeremy Hinegardner
2005-06-09 Nagios Noel Miller
2005-04-14 Revision Control Systems roundtable
2005-03-10 Celebrating 10 years of BLUG
2005-02-10 vPostMaster Sean Reifschneider
2005-01-13 Morphix Kevin Fenzi
2004-12-08 Demo day Various
2004-11-11 Anatomy of a Widespread Security Compromise Richard Johnson
2004-10-14 OpenEmbedded build environment Jordan Crouse
2004-09-09 BlueGlue, Java developer tools Andy Grolnick and Rod Cope
2004-08-12 Linux in city government Tony Fortenberry
2004-07-08 Linux Distributions Rebecca Sobol
2004-06-10 Demo Day Various
2004-05-13 Automatic summarization of high-traffic email lists Chris Riddoch
2004-04-08 Video Editing on Linux Ted Logan
2004-03-11 Objective Caml (OCaml) Matt Gushee
2004-02-12 Linux on Laptops Kevin Fenzi
2003-12-11 Moving home users to consulting Patty Laushman
2003-11-13 Ruby Jeremy Hinegardner
2003-10-09 Linux Distributions Roundtable discussion
2003-09-11 OpenVPN James Yonan
2003-07-12 BLUG Picnic
2003-06-12 Porting drivers to 2.5/6 kernels Jon Corbet
2003-05-08 OpenOffice Solveig Haugland
2003-04-10 Grass/GIS Karen Robine
2003-03-13 User-Mode Linux Sean Reifschneider
2003-02-13 CIPE Kevin Fenzi
2003-01-09 Refactoring Martin Fowler
2002-12-12 Free-form: How do you use Linux? Everyone!
2002-11-14 Panel: Software Licenses Jason Haislmaier, John Ritsick, and Kara Rigney
2002-10-10 Linux in Libraries Eric Sisler
2002-09-12 Ruby Matt Gushee
2002-08-08 Docbook Chris Riddoch
2002-07-11 Linux on the IBM Mainframe Dave Pitts
2002-06-13 Wireless Network Security Robert Gray
2002-05-09 Demo Day
2002-04-11 Social Engineering Attacks Kevin Fenzi
2002-03-14 Automake, Autoconf and Libtool Tom Tromey
2002-02-14 Package Management Panel
2002-01-10 The Linux-Powered Sharp Zaurus PDA ljp
2001-12-13 GPL Licensing Issues Evelyn Mitchell
2001-11-08 Jabber - Instant Messaging Peter Saint-Andre
2001-10-11 Pippy - Python on the Palm Pilot Jeffery Collins
2001-08-09 Introduction to Python Sean Reifschneider
2001-06-14 Securing an existing linux box Kevin Fenzi
2001-05-10 Network and Systems Management Shane O'Donnell
2001-04-12 Mobile Linux Sean Reifschneider
2001-03-08 Document Preparation Tools Chris Riddoch
2001-01-11 GNU Privacy Guard and PGP Michael J. Pedersen
2000-12-14 Audio / Video for Linux Scott Herod
2000-11-09 Internet-2 Jane Ryland
2000-10-12 FSL's alpha/linux cluster Ed Moxley
2000-09-14 CVS (Software Revision control) Ken Weinert
2000-08-10 A Survey of Databases Sean Reifschneider
2000-07-13 Storage Area Networks Jason Cherveny
2000-06-08 Tour of Linux Distributions Elizabeth Coolbaugh
2000-05-11 Java and Linux Greg Holling
2000-04-13 Perl Toni Foiani
2000-03-09 Security and Firewalling Kevin Fenzi
2000-02-10 Computer Gaming Ed Meyer
2000-01-13 Typesetting with TeX/LaTeX David Lovering

Meetup Information