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BLUG has no official committee but anyone who volunteers becomes part of the unofficial admin team.

Honored coordinators of the past:

About Us

The Boulder Linux Users Group is a group of hobbyists, professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life joined by a common interest in using, administering, or developing Free Software for Linux-based operating systems

The mailing list, with over 400 members now, has been a popular place for fruitful discussions since the beginning, with many subscribers from other areas.

We meet the second Thursday of each month and have a mailing list to discuss different topics related to Linux. Our membership ranges from scientists to college students to grandparents. The diversity of our crowd is something to be proud of. Because of our location, many of our users are computer professionals, and we are a technically-minded group rather than business-oriented.

Don’t let that scare you away: whatever your interest in Linux, you will most likely find someone in the group who shares it. A Users group is a great way to participate in the Open Source movement. You can learn from those more experienced than you in some areas and teach those that aren’t as experienced as you in other areas.

Attend the meetings, message us on our MeetUp page, or join the Slack workspace to find out more!


The Boulder Linux Users Group was founded by Wayde Allen in 1996.

Over the years we’ve met regularly, in various location including the NIST auditorium, CU’s Flemming Law School building and its ITS auditorium on Marine Street, Aztek Networks, and Applied Trust.

Hacking Society

For many years, members of at least two Front-Range LUGs formed the Hacking Society

Hack – vi. To interact with a computer in a playful and exploratory
rather than goal-directed way. “Whatcha up to?” “Oh, just

and on those Thursdays when BLUG isn’t meeting, you could find them at meetings at Caffe Sole or Southern Sun brewery, drinking, working on various projects, and talking about things.

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